Friday 3 February 2012

Last day of one course and more sun

Setting off to demo.
Aaargh... bright light!
George hard at work supervising
View across to Central Gully
MIC Trainee Course
Last day of the MIC Training at Glenmore Lodge today and it was another stunner. Today the focus was on teaching winter climbing and the progressions possible and how to choose from them. We made the most of our time by heading for the Twin Ribs after an initial discussion on the skills sets that go into making a winter climber.
On the Twin Ribs we worked on the possible uses of different ropework systems and methods of teaching lead climbing in winter.
It was calm and sunny where we were but once the sun dipped behind the Fiacaill it got cold very quickly. Late in the afternoon we headed back to the Lodge to review the day and discuss action plans with the future MICs.
Back in the west tonight... looks like it will be a wild one tomorrow!

On another note a friend of a friend dropped a BD Express screw below Molar Canal on Aonach Mor today. If anyone wants to make him happy let me know if you find it.

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