Tuesday 14 February 2012

Rime on day 2

There's a horizon up there somewhere
Rime time
Second day with the Winter ML Trainees at Glenmore Lodge today and we headed for Coire Cas. On the way up we looked at contour features (important in winter as they may be the only information you get- even in poor vis you can feel changes in angle with your feet) and when we hit the snow we put crampons on early as part of discussing a learning progression for beginners.
On the side of the Ficaill a Coire Chais we carried on our cramponing and spoke to Mark Diggins of SAIS about his work and what he'd discovered today.
Up to 1141 and a little navigation on the plateau (lots of rime about but it was dripping wet by early afternoon at that height) before dropping down windy col to the moraines. Here the team did a great impression of moles disappearing into the snow in 20 minutes digging the first 15 with an axe and the last 5 with a shovel for comparison.

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