Friday 10 February 2012

Looking after yourself on the East and the West

This isn't a post about winter skills but more a plug for 2 friends. Most of the Instructors and climbers I know have niggling long term injuries and this pair can help you with problems if you've got them. Also why wait until its too late? Sports massage or a full body MOT could be really useful in the prevention of injury and maintenance of health and wellbeing.
On the west Jacqui is my local Private Physio who gets consulted by runners, Guides and Instructors in Lochaber so she is very familiar with the type of injuries active outdoors people get. She's helping me with my knees and is probably the best reason I can work this winter!
On the East Kirsty has been offering sports and remedial massage out of a base at Glenmore Lodge for some time and there are few of the Instructors who haven't had sessions with her to aid in recovery and to keep them in a condition to enable them to go on the hill. A good session with Kirsty will help you recover from injury or aid in the maintenance of your body to prevent them happening.
Stay well!

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