Monday 20 February 2012

No other word for it but..... wet

Day 1 of a climbing course at Glenmore Lodge today....
Forecast? Far from inspiring. Look out the window at breakfast? Whitish. Look out of the window at staff meeting? Hmm, sure its looking blacker. Looking into the Coire on the walk in? Ok now I can actually see the snow stripping in front of me!!
We jumped onto Spiral Gully which was thin ice/wet snow/frozen turf. It also got a lot thinner as most of the snow and ice changed to water and flowed down or blew up the gully as the day went on. Still 6 and a bit pitches of II/III today and I got to place an ice screw and the guys got to use their tools and a route under their belts.
Tomorrow we'll slow the pace and do a bit of teaching on some of what's left and wintery looking.
The picture is of a member of the Irish team ahead of us. Bit different from the weekend.

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