Monday 6 February 2012

MIC Assessment

Well this week I'm working again at Glenmore Lodge. I'm observing and MIC Assessment course as part of the training towards working on these courses in the future. Its fascinating getting inside the heads of the guys assessing people for the highest UK based Awarf in mountaineering and seeing the care and judgement that goes into the process.
I'm trying to keep the photography to a minimum as the candidates have quite enough self induced stress without me sticking a camera in their faces but today was a stunner.
We went to the climbing crag of the moment Creagan na Cho but we went with a mountaineering journey (our definition I/II ground with harnesses, ropes and 1 axe) In mind. Corker of a day it was too. We did observe a deal of slab around sitting on a nasty faceted layer giving very easy shears. "Ca canny loons" (go carefully guys) as my grandad used to say.

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