Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Late season SPA

Mob handed today. My 4 SPA Training students were being trained by 3 MICs! I am doing an SPA for Lagganlia Outdoor Education Centre and their Chief Instructor Graeme and Ken were both keen to observe the course. This turned out to be very useful since the limited daylight at this time of year makes it hard to get the necessary time at the crag (even with a start yesterday and an early start/late finish today). The extra pairs of eyes, hands and perspectives have greatly added to the students' experience.
 Crag in the woods
 Down you go
 Rigging... rigging everywhere
Graeme's bouldering circuit
Sounds like things are still very snowy and far from well frozen on the crags. But, selfishly, I don't care when I can't get out!

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