Sunday 6 December 2009

Back home....

...after a spell on the road ended yesterday in Perth with a D of E Assessors course. This time of year sometimes feels like endless courses, meetings and seminars about doing things, rather than doing things!
Weather in Lochaber looks grim today and I see from the interweb that there were a number of avalanches in Sneachda yesterday- fortunately it seems no-one was badly hurt. There is a lot of snow up there (East and West) and the thaw conditions will not make it more stable initially so be careful where you go.
The ankle I sprained on 22nd August still hasn't fully recovered so to avoid a winter of limping I'm going to have to bite the bullet and rest it for a bit... if I can find the time. So other than a couple of days nav training next week and a day's mountaineering work at the weekend I'm going to stay off the hills for a bit. This sucks but that's the way it goes so forgive me if I'm not praying for more great conditions pre Christmas!
Back to my pile of booking forms, invoices, receipts, Expedition Grant Applications, e-mails.... don't we all love the paperwork that comes with our lives? I think I feel a session on the DT Wall coming on!

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Anonymous said...

it sucks but long term its the right thing to do. Dont want to teach my grandmother to suck eggs but 2yrs ago bust my leg and it takes awhile. That said I´m gagging to get out, good tho Peru is. Back in UK 29th Dec, hoping to be around the highlands early Jan (dog in tow!)Scoob