Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Navigation training for UHI Students

Today Bill and I were wroking with second year students from UHI Lochaber College's BA Adventure Torism Management course. All of the students we had today had already completed a Mountain Leader (Summer) training course so today was an opportunity to refresh and practise skills and ask questions of us. We stayed local to Fort William and after a very short classroom session got out onto the hill looking particularily at map orientation, contour interpretation, estimation of distance using pacing and timing, reduction of errors, determining the orientation of line features and the use of slope aspect. We also framed our navigation strategy with the '6 Ds' (ask me some time when you see me :-) to give the students a coherent way of looking at every leg. The weather was kind- cool and still in the morning with cold rain coming in after 3pm, pretty much as forecast.

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