Sunday 27 December 2009

Home again

Well we went to Norway to ski and could have done it if we'd stayed here! However there they are measuring the snow in metres, it was minus 18 in the daytime, the cut tracks are great (before they drift in) and the kiddie pulk we hired for Sandy (karrimat insulation, builit in sleeping bag and bivvy bag, skidoo style visor, a hot water bottle around your feet and mum or dad powered) was superb training! I'm a novice to planks and the idea of pistes and queues doesn't grab me but 30k of gliding along in deep powder with just the occasional skier for company was great. Super break. Now, off to pack my sack for climbing tomorrow.

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theflyingpaddy said...

So glad you guys had a good time. Stunning conditions here too. I know exactly what you mean about pistes and ques! Off out onto the hill tracks tomorrow!