Thursday 10 December 2009

Ben Report

Not from me unfortunately.... I'm still trying to rest my ankle and what the cynics out there have described for 2 weeks as my 'man-flu' was today given the title of 'deep chest infection' and blasted with a cocktail of antibiotics!
Rich and Brian did North Gully today on Ben Nevis (thanks for the pics Rich). Conditions were reported as warm ('the only freezing in evidence was on my car this morning') all the way up. Whilst there was a deal of ice in evidence there was a general thaw and wet soggy snow/cruddy 'snice' in Coire na Ciste.
Nice forecast for tomorrow and I'm working the weekend....... not sure I can be well behaved and resist another day out........
If you haven't seen them Patrick Roman's articles on his soloing on UKC (article 1 and article 2) are well worth a read. They have generated debate and comments ranging from 'inspiring' to 'stupid'. I love soloing. I find climbing focuses me in the moment and helps me view the rest of my life in perspective afterwards. Soloing is even more absorbing than most climbing, demanding a greater focus and self-awareness and therefore carries me further from my regular spheres of thought. Some people have described this aspect of climbing as juvenile and an extreme form of escapism. For me I always plan to come back to the 'regular' world I just find that up there lets me view my priorities more clearly.
'Above 3000ft there are no worldly cares' Tom Wier
Read Patrick's articles and see what you think.

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