Monday 20 December 2010


Today Nick and I went to the cascades near the CIC Hut. There is plenty of ice there with several lines to go at. Nick is recovering from a bad cold so between that and the short daylight a long walk wasn't on the cards. As it was we got 400ft of pure water ice at III and IV with a couple of abseils (off of ice threads and a big block) at the cost of the short walk up from Torlundy. Chuck and his party from Outward Bound reported good conditions on Ledge Route and a team on a very thin looking Central Right Hand- other wise a very quiet Coire na Ciste. I know Comb Gully was climbed yesterday on thin but continuous ice too. We had a little light snow in the afternoon but otherwise a still and clear day out. In general the cold weather has meant that there is still no water on the move up high and therefore no ice is forming- this means you either go for mid level/easier snowy routes. There is also a bit of patchy windslab about- avoidable if you keep your eyes open and wits about you (Chucks team came safely down No.4 today but patches were visible in Coire na Ciste).

CIC Cascades 20 Dec 2010 from Alan Halewood on Vimeo.

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