Friday 10 December 2010

Drawing breath...drawing inspiration...

After an amazing early season. Numerous repeats of the Ben Nevis mixed routes such as Cutlass, Slab Climb, Gargoyle Wall, Darth Vader, Sioux Wall and Babylon. FWA of Apache, Omerta, Catriona, Satyr, The Crooked Smile, Oz and Omerta, to name only the biggest numbers. And an early season Cuillin Ridge traverse, Shadbolts Chimney, The Black Cleft and Scamtastic repeated on Skye. Repeats of The Sting, The Secret, The Cathedral and The God Delusion. In Wales Cracking up repeated amonsgt all that accesible ice and 30 new routes reported up to VII. In the Lakes more hard new mixed and low level ice too.
I feel quite exhausted just reading about it all. The current thaw should be short lived and we'll hope for a good deep refreeze next week before the Christmas break and more climbing mayhem. Read up and be inspired whether you are a new routing hardcore demon or a climber of more modest achievements the winter has had a great start and promises more great things to come:
Meantime I've been continuing my winter 'training regime'; mince pies and a little exercise assited by Sandy. I'll probably take a walk up Ben Nevis tomorrow before the winter season's work kicks off for me next week.