Thursday 20 March 2014

A day in the Glen but fresh snow on the hill

Stormy night and morning in Lochaber but a brighter afternoon has revealed a dusting of fresh snow on the hills today.
I was working with 1st year students from UHI looking at leadership styles and options in the context of taking novice hillwalkers out. We spent part of the day planning a walking journey they will undertake tomorrow and part of the day looking at practical situations on Scimitar ridge in Glen Nevis. It rained, it hailed, it was blustery but it cleared up later on to reveal a dusting of fresh snow on the tops.
 Path or stream?
 Flanks of Ben Nevis holding on to snow high above
 In the shelter
 Warming up
 Heading down, view to Mamores
Fresh dusting on Ben Nevis from Corpach

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