Saturday 22 March 2014

Deep snow on the East Ridge of Beinn A Chaorainn

Today Claire and I were joined by MIC Trainee Lou and went to the East ridge of Beinn 'A Chaorainn. A quite remarkable amount of snow fell in Lochaber last night and it was a snowy walk in through the trees, then a wade through deepening snow on the moor and once on the ridge there was the odd patch of waist deep fluff to contend with! A good day nonetheless- winter not going anywhere yet!
Cheers to pics of me from Lou.

River x

Snowy walk in
 Not as steep as it looks 
 Direct belay
Happy there is a way around the cornice in the background
All that's showing of the summit cairn is under my bag
 Icey selfie
 Lou naving
Team selfie

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