Monday 25 January 2016

Warm, wet and windy

Second day working with Hans and Nick at the Glenmore Lodge Winter Climbing Festival and there was a distinct lack of winter. We chatted with the team and rather than risk cornice collapse and rockfall for damp easy climbing we decided to use the facilities at the Lodge. Hans took the lead coaching dry tooling on the towers in the morning, Roger from Lyon did an informative session on materials looking at ropes, abseil tat and helmets I went through the Be Avalanche Aware process and we finished with a little rope work and some more tooling on the towers.
Best of luck to the BMC International meet which has just begun, winter is going to be a little scarce for a while.
 Tool traverse
 Sarah planning ahead
 Hans tweaking
 Fit the foot to the rock
 Traverse with crampons
 Sarah in the corner
 Tim's turn
 Neil in the zone
 Satah and her Monsters
 Smile Neil
 Roger drops a ball
 The Pulley Effect
Talking about tat

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