Saturday 11 January 2014

Arqiva ends. Today Aonach Mor training future Trainers

So yesterday was the last day of the 3 day Arqiva winter Awareness training at Glenmore Lodge. After an early review we ended the course at one of their sites looking at emergency scenarios.
 What is the collective noun for this many silver 4WDs?
The masts that provide TV, Radio, Satellite, Emergency Services Radios, Mobile Phone sites etc.

Complete change today as I'm running a weekend workshop for AMI (good luck with the AGM this weekend) for trainee MICs working towards Assessments. After an initial chat we settled on a climbing based day and I set them them scenarios of different mock students to design days for before we headed to Aonach Mor. The broken ribs around the West face provided some good I/II ground for us to look at teaching situations, various rope work systems etc. The snow at 1000m on a westerly aspect was firm if a little crusty but the turf was still imperfectly frozen. There was some evidence of cross loading in sheltered gullies but this was predominantly unconsolidated snow where we travelled. We did experience a distinct weather change around 2pm with a squall bringing stinging hail for a short while.
 Julie running it out
 Simon on the sharp end
 Parallel ropework
 Sunny below
 Max and the change in weather
Matt fighting through the hail

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