Saturday 25 January 2014

MTA Coaching winter skills Day 1

 Not so nice
Ideas discussed during the day
Mark Diggins 
Nicest day of the week by far! Today I was working at Glenmore Lodge for the Mountain Training Association. George and I were tasked with working with 12 people to look at different ideas around the teaching/coaching of winter skills at a Winter Mountain Leader level. The WML is not an instructional Award but, crucially, holders do have to give their students enough skills to accompany them on an appropriate journey. This means WMLs will be introducing people to the skills needed and perhaps enthusing them to do more in the future. Most of the WMLs work comes down to good demonstrations and route choice. 
Today we didn't journey far but we did stay mobile looking at simple core winter skills and a good methodology for introducing them.
The day ended with a lecture from Mark Diggins of the SAIS on the avalanche avoidance in Scotland. Big thanks to the Chris Walker Memorial Trust for supporting Mark's presence and the training he is delivering at the Winter Weekend.

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