Wednesday 8 January 2014

News from the Coires and Winter Awareness for Arqiva Engineers

For the next couple of days i'm at Glenmore Lodge working with some Arqiva Engineers who are responsible for ensuring that the mast carrying TV signals (and often mobile phone network and communications networks for the emergency services) remain in service no matter where they are or how bad the weather is.
To ensure they can make good judgements about when not to carry on or keep themselves comfortable in an emergency they get some training on winter hazards, equipment and emergency planning.
Today is was all about it and nav.
Bill and Sandy dug a trench up a well buried Hidden Chimney with their groups. The snow up to the base of the crag was wet but that on the route quite dry and aerated so tomorrow's slight freeze may not change much in a hurry. Much digging to be done for gear and belays. There were parties on Doctor's Choice and Original Summer Route yesterday. It seems the Trident Gullies are so buried that they are hardly discernable as 3 distinct gullies as opposed to a uniform snow slope!!
 Map setting
Poor visibility Nav

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