Thursday, 9 January 2014

Withdrawal symptoms and Arqiva day 2

Ok, 2 weeks of illness, a week's (very pleasant) Nordic skiing, some winter skills and a day on Ledge Route in the last month… I REALLY need to go climbing. Work still calls for a while however… and i can't complain when there is lots of it about.
Day 2 with the Arqiva team today working for Glenmore Lodge and we revisited emergency equipment and techniques with them before heading up the hill to look at snowshoes, emergency shelters and pulls.
Meanwhile Bill and Sandy were finding good conditions in Cha No and lots for friends were in Sneachda with ascents of Opening Break, Hidden Chimney, Original Summer Route and Doctor's Choice being reported to name a few (although Hookers Corner was buried and the team bailed after 10m of swimming).
I have an article in Climber this month on Winter Climbing on Ben Nevis. Have a look and let me know what you think.
 And lift...
 Insulating a casualty 
 Blizzard coat
 blizzard bag
 Short Carry
 Snow shoes
On the inside looking out

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