Friday 24 January 2014

Last day of the MIC Training

And surprise surprise it was a wild one!
After a discussion on the team's homework we headed up the hill but with the bus rocking back and forwards in the Ciste Carpark we made a decision that none of our hill based plans would work.
Back at Glenmore Lodge we created a number of workshops based around what we had planned to do on the hill today (looking at the mechanics of teaching climbing) involving practicals and table top exercises and also opened things up to what else the team wanted to practise/revisit. This saw me running a short workshop looking at coaching dry tooling as a means to improving winter climbing (as opposed to just cranking harder). The course finished with a chat on what to do between training and assessment, the assessment itself and personal debriefs.
This weekend i'm staying at The Lodge to work on the Mountain Training Association Winter weekend. I'm down to be looking at how we coach winter skills- looks like another wild one!!

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