Sunday 14 December 2014

Another CWA Training

I've been in Glasgow working based at Ibrox running a CWA Training for nine candidates assisted by Karen (soon to head for PYB's AI scheme - have fun mate). Yesterday we were at GCC and today we returned there but not before a morning at the wall at Braehead. A fun 2 days working through the syllabus with a nice group of folk.
 Keeping it in the family; Jenny in her mum's EBs
 Jingle bell boots
 Down at the (auto belay) farm
 Karen explaining the rules of the game
 Silent deadly ninja beanbag assassins at the ready
 Hey! That's cheating!
 Sticky feet flexibility
 Coming down
 Sit down, stand up and centre of gravity
 Stacking the beanbags
 Pendulum rules
The abseil module

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