Monday 15 December 2014

'Must try harder…'

Today I was directing an MCofS FUNdamentals of Climbing 2 at Glasgow Climbing Centre. I was working to a new syllabus and I'm sitting reflecting on the train looking back over the day using my notes and some feedback I elicited from those on the course.
I'm trying to practise what I preach- I wasn't happy about the course but that's not a bad thing right? It just means I've got to reflect, learn and improve for next time. I won't go into specifics and there was plenty of positive feedback too… and I know that if I'm fostering a 'growth mindset' then a less than perfect performance is not a bad thing, just an opportunity…
…but I still hate it when I come away from a course feeling it was anything less than great!!
 Surface, features and techniques
 Blez going for a supremely stable base of support as a platform for using his tablet to gather data
 Feedback for Rob
 Matt talks through the other Rob's bridging demo
 Gettng Christie to twist
 Christie takes it steeper
 Rob mirroring Blez (nice attempt Rob ;-)
The ever unpopular cardboard box arms… do they have a place (other than the bin Jeans)

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