Wednesday 17 December 2014

CWLA Training

Today I was running an MTS CWLA Trg for Staff from Three Wise Monkeys Climbing and The Ice Factor.
After a discussion on the scope of the Award, how to assess clients existing ability and structuring a session we got down to working through a large number of drills and games based on: finding stable clipping positions, clipping and lead belaying. On a regular basis the students were asked to think through and demonstrate progressions to ensure it wasn't just about the tools though! We also looked at falling progressions, common problems and the difference between teaching lead climbing to both adults and under 18s.
Always enjoy these courses as there is a great opportunity to engage CWLAs with ideas on coaching their own students in the future.
 Lotsa knots
 Spot the beanbag
 Joe moving a rubber thumb
 Georgia getting stable
 Clock snap
 Clock snap with a tail
 Comparing noses
 Autobelay tail clipping
 Dan and Joe racing the rope
 Autobelay lead belaying
 Toprope leading
 M belayed falls
 Georgia catching some air time
                 Ready……                                                  Go!
                 Ready……                                                  Go!
                 Ready……                                                  Go!

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