Saturday 6 December 2014

FUNdamentals CPD in Sheffield

Today I was in Sheffield at Awesome Walls in my role as an MCofS FUNdamentals of Climbing provider. We were meeting with most of the BMC providers to discuss how the syllabus is developing and issues with the syllabus. The FUNdas are the 'what to coach' part of the Mountain Training \coaching pathway and look at the basics of climbing movement. The coaches in the room make up the greatest concentration of Coaching Development  knowledge and experience in the UK in terms of working with grass routes coaches- those doing the bulk of the work with young people and introductory climbing sessions. We were examining what we all do and looking at the detail of what and how we present it to those on our courses.
On the way home to put it into practise this weekend with a FUNdas 1 tomorrow and a Foundation Coach Training on sunday. Then I get my first opportunity to touch some snow as part of the Glenmore Lodge Staff Training early next week.
 The finer points of introducing the coaching slab climbing
Katherine on CofG and stability
Dave Binney on the wheelbarrow principle

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