Monday 8 December 2014

Staff Training at Glenmore Lodge

For the first few days this week I'm attending winter staff Training at Glenmore Lodge. I'm sometimes asked what I get out of working at 'The Lodge' (I could make more money working for myself) but days like today never fail to leave me with admiration for my colleagues in terms of their experience, knowledge and the passion for excellence they bring to their work. Today we were looking at issues around Avalanche education including an update on the Lodge research on the use of transceiver, shovel and probe in the Scottish winter, new courses they are offering and a great afternoon session (set up by Doug) making us think about how we design the learning of some of the skills and techniques involved and how we create good decision makers when it comes to avalanche avoidance.
The day finished with a great little update on all things Petzl from Roger and Martin from Lyon equipment. More training please!!
 Coffee time and winter outside
 The transceiver park (note the footprints following the flux line into the buried transceiver)
 Doug's whiteboard
No closeups… what followed was highly classified!

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