Monday 1 December 2014

Coaching Coaches, working hard-Development Coach Training

Some of my work feels easy, some harder. Today I was definitely stretched! I'm working with Jon directing a Mountain Training Development Coach Training at Glenmore Lodge. The team includes good climbers, MIA/MIC Trainers, a School Head of Outdoor Education, Club Rugby coaches, experienced climbing wall coaches and former National Hockey players… and all have opinions about coaching. From the word go we knew we'd be working hard on this course. Points were debated from a basis of both knowledge and direct experience and opinions were always forthcoming. We started at Glenmore and then headed to Inverness Leisure Centre for a very practical afternoon where the framework program was a good start but again a flexible approach was needed to react to the needs, interests and existing experience levels of the students- good coaching practise in fact! Photos limited today as I was thinking on my feet all day long to get the most out of the day for the team…. LOVE days like this- more tomorrow!
 The outcome is more than the sum of the parts...
 Individual sporting pathways
One perspective
 Multiple perspectives

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