Tuesday 30 December 2014

Icey in the Lakes

Rich and I have been working with Worksop College for the past 4 days in the Lake District. This is the start of preparation for a pretty unique expedition we have planned in the summer.
There was a bit of rope work and some walking with large rucksacks and camping in the snow- sunday night was particularly chilly! Well done to the team for some of whom it was a baptism of fire (or maybe that was ice)? See you for more in February!
Looks like a thaw at home so I'll give it day or two to settle down before leaving the Lakes for Scotland again.
 Introductory ropework
 Kit check
 Heading in
 An evening walk with a big pack
Sunset from Greenup Edge
 A braw bricht moonlicht nicht 
 Thawed out and on the move
 Well frozen near High Tove
 Shivery Knott was not
 Camp near high seat
Coming down towards Borrowdale

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