Monday 1 December 2014

Leading in the Lowlands again

The weekend saw me based in Glasgow working for East Dunbartonshire Council directing my second Lowland Leader Award Training of the week. This time we had 10 candidates so I had help in the form of Helen and Alan from EDC, George from MTS was there to moderate me and Charlie the dog was around too (although I'm not sure he could be described as help). After a long and slightly grey day around Mugdock Country Park on Saturday Aberfoyle did us proud with an immaculate weather day as we explored the surround of the town.
 Planning for day 2
 Into the valley of the spiders...
 …more mutant insect life?
 getting low for the photo
 The Osprey
 Low mist and a great sky
 The tree on Doon Hill
 Taking shelter
 View from Doon Hill

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