Tuesday 2 December 2014

Developing the Development Coaches

Day 2 of the Glenmore Lodge  Mountain Training Development Coach Training and we were at Inverness Leisure Centre's Climbing Wall all day. A great deal more practice, informed discussion and skilled learning going on. although I was Directing the Course I learnt loads!! The course is very much about the pedagogy (the 'how to') of coaching climbing with some theory and a lot of chance to put it into practise and review with fellow coaches. Our well experienced group kept us on our toes again today but we got some great learning outcomes listed at the end of the day and some good feedback.
 The (by now classic) exercise on Practise
 What next
 Technical, Tactical, PHYSICAL and Psychological aspects of climbing
 Did the route climb like they thought it would?
 Video check for confirmation
 Rachel and Sandy using a traffic light system to plan their routes
 Nathan getting Tactical
 Nathan's Route

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